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London-based animator and illustrator Andy wildly mixes hand-drawing, computer illustration and claymation. His diverse work is always infused with humour and hilarity. He also dabbles happily in the audio side of things, allowing him to make silly voices, bleeping sounds and ridiculously infectious ditties

Andy has a digital sketchbook brimming with ideas and passion for animation and the arts in general.  Andy works in many and any material he can get his hands on, delivering a highly energetic and imaginative outcome to all his projects.  This guy is always up to something.

A year ago, Andy Martin (also known as Handymartian) launched a year-long project to design new planets, one every month with every day a new alien. He gave each planet their own population. And each one was animated into a video. Twelve months, twelve planets, and the planetary system which was a year long project

Each planet has a name which is a subculture and that whole planet is created from this subculture.

Planet one called Tribal Discovery.

This planet has cute little tribal beings banging on drumbs and chanting tunes. he has used lot of colour but still gives the feel you are in outta space.

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Planet 2 – Endless repitition.

On this planet the animation is sharper and he only uses a few flat colours. It has a mundane feel the same as repetition gives.

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Planet 3 – All Calm

This planet has pretty colours and refreshing music and more happy and rounded shapes.

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Planet 4- Technological take over

This planet is very stark and every thing and every character looks techie and computer driven.

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Planet 5 -Under water evolution discovered

This planet works with aqua beings abut still gives an alien feel. Very clever.

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Planet 6 – Volitile

This planet he has older clay to make each being but still kept on the theme of Volitile with creating a war between his aliens.

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Planet 7 – Utopia disturbance

Planet 8 – Edible danger

Planet 9 – Reckless

Planet 10 – Undiscovered

Planet 11 – Avoid

Planet 12 Under Attack

Andy is very clever and divers each planet very different from the next.

He has lots of different interests. He tries to take each project separately and design something that suits what needs to be communicated. He thinks of his illustrations as character lead, with humour and a musical sensibility.


The Planets: Interview with Andy Martin




Design on the enviroment

If you thought you were saving forests and protecting the environment by going paperless…think again. The real dilemma you face is that you may be doing more to cause environmental degradation and deforestation by going paperless than you think, and making responsible choices requires informed decisions and rational tradeoffs.

The adoption of networked broadband digital media and “cloud-based” alternatives to print are driving record levels of energy consumption.

Chances are that the electricity flowing through your digital media devices and their servers is linked to mountaintop-removal coal.

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So what do we do? do we go back to paper to where every tree used and be replanted and paper recycled. or do we find a way to reduce the way we use energy by switching off computers when not using? inventing a new energy source instead of coal? Making computers and tech products out of materials that break down better and more environmental. These are just a few of the options.

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New technologies are looking for ways to produce clean coal. This means by capturing carbon before it is release into the atmosphere. But at this point clean coal does not exist.


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But as Graphic designers we can make a difference by using smaller print so It does not take up as bigger area so there fore not using as much paper for print. and recycling where eva possible like ink cartridges, using recycled paper and products. Making sure what eva print company you use ask them how they deal with their waste and what measures they take to reduce their air and water emissions. give your clients the eco-option: always offer your clients an option that has been designed to reduce impacts.


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At the moment Lane Beachly has teamed up with Planet Ark and is getting every one to recycle ink cartridges. i do believe this is a great step towards helping the environment when it comes to design.

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Banksy is the pseudonym of a “guerrilla” street artist known for his controversial, and often politically themed, stenciled pieces.

Banksy’s identity remains unknown but started his career in Bristol with graffiti gang DryBreadZ Crew.

His early work was mostly freehand but on occasions he used stencils but started using stencils predominantly because it allowed him to finish his art in a shorter time avoiding being caught.

As his signature style developed he became more widely recognized around Bristol and in London.

Banksy’s artwork is characterized by striking images, often combined with slogans. His work often engages political themes, satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy and greed. Common subjects include rats, apes, policemen, members of the royal family, and children. In addition to his two-dimensional work, Banksy is known for his installation artwork. One of the most celebrated of these pieces, which featured a live elephant painted with a Victorian wallpaper pattern, sparked controversy among animal rights activists.

Other pieces have drawn attention for their edgy themes or the boldness of their execution. Banksy’s work on the West Bank barrier, between Israel and Palestine, received significant media attention in 2005. He is also known for his use of copyrighted material and subversion of classic images. An example of this is Banksy’s version of Monet’s famous series of water lilies paintings, adapted by Banksy to include drifting trash and debris

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Banksy’s worldwide fame has transformed his artwork from acts of vandalism to sought-after high art pieces. Journalist Max Foster has referred to the rising prices of graffiti as street art as “the Banksy effect

In 2013, Banksy took to the streets of New York City. There he pledged to create a new piece of art for each day of his residency. As he explained to the Village Voice, “The plan is to live here, react to things, see the sights—and paint on them. Some of it will be pretty elaborate, and some will just be a scrawl on a toilet wall.

He is one of my favourite artists and so iconic. he has come from a small town graffiti artist to an international icon.!banksy/cyfo


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Jamie Reid is from the era of the punk movement. He was a Graphic Designer for a famous rebellious punk band called Sex Pistols. He likes to portray his rebellion and protest against nuclear arms and war through his art and formed the punk era. One of the famous posters he did for the Sex Pistols is the poster for their song called ‘Anarchy in the UK’. Its a combination of a photomontage and a collage. The Uk flag is thorn and looks like its patched together with safety pins. In the middle a hole is thorn and the title of the band and the song are protruding out from it. The outrageous style of the poster also reflects the band and also shows rebelion and protest.


Reid also developed this ‘powerful ransom note and newspaper clipping style’ for the sex pistols that became iconic in relation to the band. Perhaps this was influenced by his purchase of a printing press and his subsequent publication of a controversial community.

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To give different importance to the words he used boldness and larger size for the title of the album and used a different colour for the title of the band so there will be a contrast and people who never knew about them can immediately tell which is which. I think it is very eye catching and stands out.


This album cover like the others shows the newspaper clipping style and a feel of rebellion and a political message. The colours are very flat to describe the hard times in London in this era.


Reid-made other Pistols art, including a picture of the Queen with a safety pin through her lip, and swat stickers in her eyes this became defining symbols of the punk rock and rebellion era, and the Sex Pistols in particular.


Artist and Musician – Chris O’Doherty (also known as Reg Mombassa) was born in Auckland New Zealand in 1951 and migrated to Australia with his parents and brother. He formed rock band Mental as Anything with four other art students. Reg left the Mental’s in after 25 years, so that he could concentrate on his art. He has exhibited paintings, drawings and prints at Watters Gallery in Darlinghurst since 1975.

Chris/Reg began working as a freelance artist in 1976, designing T-shirts and posters for organizations such as Greenpeace, the Rock Eisteddfod, Circus Oz, the Opera House Trust, the Surrealist Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, Redfern Legal Aid, the Wilderness Society, Westmead Children’s Hospital, The Powerhouse Museum, The Paralympic Arts Festival etc. This is Where his posters got recognition and made a name for himself.

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He worked closely with Mambo Graphics designing t-shirts and posters.

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Reg also performs with his brother Peter in the band Dog Trumpet which he creates posters for

In June of 1999 Mambo held an art exhibition of original artwork and posters in London
Among the bands that he has designed record covers for are; Crowded House, Mental as Anything, Dog Trumpet, Mondo Rock, Paul Kelly and John Lydon’s band P.I.L

Some of Reg’s achievements have been

His ‘Real Wild Child’ exhibition poster, which was commissioned by Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, won first prize in the poster category of the ‘Association of American Museums 1995 Design Competition’. There were 1,050 entries including all the major American museums

He received the 1996 ARIA award (Australian Record Industry Award) for ‘Best Australian Cover Art’ for Mental as Anything’s ‘Liar, liar pants on fire’ CD.

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He designed the ‘Hero’s ‘segment for the Sydney 2000 Olympics Closing Ceremony.

The Victorian Tapestry Workshop invited Reg to contribute a design for a tapestry to be completed and installed in the Melbourne Museum

His artwork is included in the permanent collections of:
The National Art Gallery, Canberra
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Powerhouse Museum of NSW
University of Sydney Union

Reg is inspired by the wind, semi-professional birthday clowns, heavy machinery and the behavior of domestic animals. He is married with three children and lives in the inner west of Sydney.