Roman Klonek

“As an illustrator you need to understand the human body – but having looked at and understood nature, you must develop an ability to look away and capture the balance between what you’ve seen and what you imagine.”

   Quentin Blake


Illustration is a tool used to distill what may not even be visible. Yet when looked upon, an understanding is derived from the work. Exaggerations and bold colors are all features commonly found in illustration, and are of particular use when trying to hit the balance between a tangible image and the emotions the illustrator wishes to evoke.

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Illustrators: STEPHEN BLISS

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Senior Artist at Rockstar Games
A lot of his work has been plastered all over New York City buildings, as full page spreads in magazines, and as stills in TV commercials. His style is distinct, edgy and top quality.
Stephen,s first project for rockstar as a senior artist started in 2001 with GTA 3 where he painted the game box cover, as well as international magazine covers, posters, billboards and promo merchandise for Grand Theft Auto, followed by The Warriors, LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption.
His signature style is a gritty, urban still life that captures the mood of the darker side of the city and its people. His moody, urban illustrations helped define and brand each game in the Grand Theft Auto series, but had enough distinctive changes in the artwork to make each individual game unique.

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Jeremy Fish

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Jeremy Fish is a prolific illustrator, product designer and fine artist based in San Francisco for the last 20 years. Born in Albany in 1974, the artist is known for his unique presence and aesthetic contributions in North Beach, and is recognised by contemporary galleries and museums worldwide for his originality and clever work. He expresses communication and storytelling through an illustrative library of animals, characters and symbols with an emphasis on finding a balance of imagery between all things cute and creepy.
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Gedomenas Pranckevicius

As you can see by these intriguing illustrations, Lithuanian conceptual artist and illustrator, Gedomenas Pranckevicius, creates surreal digital art beyond your wildest dreams.

His illustrations and character designs can be seen on album music covers, advertising and has been featured in a stunning visual production at the Adobe Max Creativity Conference. Adobe’s Creative Cloud have also included Gedomenas’s chimerical character ‘Batpig’ as part of a collaborative mosaic remix of the Creative Cloud logo.

His works include a variety of childrens’ books, with some illustrations exploring fantastic scenes of impossible architectural structures precariously placed amidst a world where vertical lakes reach the rooftops and people are whimsically perched atop in serene fields.  All the while giant fish lurk menacingly beneath in the murky depths.
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