Ken Cato

Ken Cato is an Australian designer with an international reputation. Cato’s influence is everywhere. He has designed thousands of corporate identities, including for Commonwealth Bank, myki public transport passes, and Network Seven. Cato has received many industry accolades in his 46-year career as a graphic designer, including a Swinburne University honorary doctorate.


Cato established his business, now called Cato Brand Partners in Melbourne in 1970. He now has offices in 15 countries, based in a Collingwood warehouse Cato spends half his time visiting overseas clients.

As a graphic designer, Cato encompasses all facets of corporate and brand management and design. Cato’s design philosophy is rooted in the concepts of functional design and minimalism. Some of his famous works are the visual identities for Seven Network and the City of Melbourne.d163703160f9eeeba23727f5ceea5047

Another piece of iconic work Cato has produced is the Australian Made logo. The Australian Made and Australian Grown trade mark logos signify products whose ingredients or production mostly originate from Australia. This programme was established in 1986 with the logo created by Ken Cato. Then in 1989 Cato designed the Commonwealth Bank logo which like the Australian Made logo is still currently used today and is widely recognised branding.


Australian Madecommbank_logo1_1989

Many of Cato’s logos are widely recognised but not always without criticism. One more recent logo that attracted some criticism and controversy was the latest South Australia logo created in 2013. More on the various opinions can be read here at Adelaide Now.



Michael Bierut

Michael Bierut (born 1957) is a graphic designer, design critic and educator.

Bierut was vice president of graphic design at Vignelli Associates. Since 1990 he has been a partner in the New York office of Pentagram. According to his Pentagram online biography: Bierut “is responsible for leading a team of graphic designers who create identity design, environmental graphic design and editorial design solutions. He has won hundreds of design awards and his work is represented in several permanent collections all over the world.

The truth about logos is that they are not that hard to do. If you ask people in the US what logos they like and recognise, they’ll name Target or Nike. Target for example, is just a dot with a circle around it, that’s all it is, so if you want a logo like Target, you don’t need to hire a designer, you barely need to know how to operate a computer program, the logo may as well be anything. God knows we do a lot of them here, but I think the best work in the area comes down to what most designers would agree on: the obvious thing, it’s not the actual logo but how it is used.

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Landor – Logos

LANDOR,   Creative Corporate Design Architects and Pioneers for Industry Branding Solutions.

landorlogo  landor-associates landorblogo
According to the DNS archives from  WHOIS, the records display Landor Associates first registered their brand online around 2007.

Landor Associates already a strong brand globally since 1941. Founder Walter Landor pioneered a majority of the branding industry methods still in use for research and design today. The consulting methodologies created by Walter Landon are now standard within the branding industry.


Landor began it’s reputation in earlier times designing logos for beer companies earning awards for “Arrowhead” a tilt bottle with two flat sides that could be poured without being lifted from the table.

Arrowhead Tilt Bottle

All successful branding and design companies are well placed on the internet in todays times, a website becomes a window into the world of the creators and is no exception of excellence.

Landor boast branding innovation, the leading top shelf identity architects who create new experiences, big opportunities, and open doors to solving complex challenges.

Landor at a Glance

  • Research & analytics
  • Strategy & positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming & verbal identity
  • Innovation
  • Identity & design
  • Experiences & environments
  • Brand engagement
  • Interactive & media design

If you think Landor are just a creative firm who are happy to land any project item and turn it around quickly for small profits, think again.  Landor are bigger than the average concern and are renowned to go that one step further with their foresight and well placed strategies. Landor supply contractual arrangements to become majority shareholders in every project embarked upon.

Examples of Landor’s extraordinary Branding achievements.
1. BMW

Landor have been working recently with BMW the car manufacturing giant from Europe. The branding campaign success of  “Reimaging the car-buying experience” has already since 2015 been introduced by BMW into it’s retail stores in Brussels, Rome, Seoul, and shanghai.

BMW Born Electric
BMW-Landor bmwstore


Etihad Airways the jewel of the Abu Dhabi skyways had experienced an economically driven downturn in flight ticket sales. The vision of Landor helped shape a new image for the stricken airline, creating a modernised experienced for travellers that redefined air travel globally.

The Facets of Abu Dhabi




Having successfully won the bid for a Grant from Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa Inc. Landor set about capturing the imagine of waste management to the visitors of Central Park NY. The scope of works entailed a complete of redesign of four separate bin types used throughout the park that would be an incentive to increase the use of recyclables and litter receptacles.

What we Did
GCP-whatwedid GCP-4bins



LANDOR; Building lifelong relationships with their customer, Landor Associates offer seamless development and personalised services to corporations and companies that insist when building a brand must also thrive on change to create the trends of time to stay competitive in this fast-moving world.



Woody Pirtle

Woody Pirtle was born in Cosicana, Texas in 1944. After different starts in professional life he decided to focus his energy into graphic design and on finishing college in 1967 he went to work for a small advertising agency in Shrevenport. Wanting to reach a larger market and make a success of himself he then moved his young family to Dallas in 1972 and worked in the design studio of Stan Richards where he stayed for seven years gaining experience in his chosen field.

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Woody Pirtel focuses directly upon ideas that most effectively reflect the vision and aspirations of his clients.

Here are some of is logo works below.


Browns Forman is a brand building company for fine quality alcohol such as

Wisky, tequila, vodka, liqueur and Wine

They are a very well established company and in 2020 they will have been around for 150 years

Their moto is “Enriching life”

Pirtel has portrayed this in their logo


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