My Rascals

 breaking_bad___jesse_pinkman_by_zenithuk-d6plvt8[1]Jesse Pinkman

From the tv series Breaking Bad, Jesse is deep in the underground world of methamphetamine, but his naivety and charming traits(although he is mostly vulgar) push him into the rascal pile.


Dexter Morgan

Dexter is a serial killer,he has had to learn to kerb his lust for killing by directing it toward killing other serial killers or people who fit “the code”. He came originally from the  novels of Jeff Lindsay and later was adaped to screen.


Capt’n Jack Sparrow

From the series of movies Pirates of the Caribbean played by Johnny Depp he is probably my favourite rascal he is the right proportion of humorous  to scoundrel.


Deadpool (wade Wilson)

Also known as the Merc with the mouth, he is a character from marvel comics writer Rob Liefeld. He is deadly with his weaponry and also with his mouth always making witty remarks and taunting those he pursues.


Tyrion Lannister

“The Imp” He is a cunning manipulator of people but is often overlooked because of his stature.He loves drinking and the company of women. He doesn’t let his height get to him and isn’t afraid to stand up to those in power.

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