I believe that not only in the field of design but whatever path you choose in life it is a priority to maintain sustainability and stay conscience of what your actions may do or could be doing to the environment and your surroundings.


Many designers in our day and age are very thoughtful of the environment when designing nything and they practice a method which is called eco-design. When designing your products, considering the environmental impacts of the whole lifecycle of that product is known as eco-design. Eco-design not only improves the environmental outcomes it may also reduce your costs in the long term. But there are also many companies and designers that do not wish to use these methods, the design and creation of products can require the extraction of natural resources, manufacturing, transportation and waste disposal at the end of life. As a product goes through these stages, energy and water are used, and waste, pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions are created.


The impacts vary depending on what process was used and for what they are creating most of the downfalls are with most things whilst moving earth such as construction, architecture and infrastructures such as the extraction of natural resources – whether through mining, harvesting or land clearing – generates carbon dioxide emissions, uses water and land, and produces waste products that have to be disposed of in the environment. Transforming materials into products often requires complex manufacturing systems and this means there is a need for resources such as energy, water and materials, which will all contribute to the product’s environmental impacts.  Generally, the main impacts of manufacturing are due to the energy used to create the product and the emissions e.g. air, water and waste generated during the process.


But as a Graphic designer or an artisst i like to think a lot of them are on the same page and are generally trying to recycle and re use a lot of their materials. Not only is it helping the environment but it also has a nice touch on art pieces. it adds a bit of abstract and creativity to their piece that they may be working on at the time.



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