Treeson – Bubi Au Yeung

Bubi Au Yeung is an illustrator and multi media designer living and working in Hong Kong. She has worked on many diverse projects for companies like TeamOne USA.

Bubi began by doodling in phone books as a child and her artistic skills have come a long way. She also loves to read comics and collect toys. She has created numerous characters and one of those characters is Treeson who was produced as her first vinyl figure in 2005. It quickly became a fans’ favourite around the world. This also resulted in a book called ‘Treeson and other stories’ published in 2007.

Treeson and friends

‘Treeson’s’ birthday is on the 8th August, 2005. He is akin creature who was brought up by the trees in the forest. Discovered by a boy named Ren, the two face their past through their friendship an adventures. The stories are available in chinese Mandarin and English. The writing language is extremely simple and children-oriented. Most of the pages are only accompanied with one line of text.

Treeson has many friends. Ren is a very small person and his best friend is a small car, which help him haul all his stuff. He always carries a backpack when he goes out.
Newspaper boy like to roll up newspapers into the shop of a baguette and deliver them to all the families in the area like a fresh breakfast. Circle boy loves drawing circles and dots. He believes the world is like a concentric circle, where everything is the extension of a dot. PinB is a needle cushion who wants to be a chef.
Treeson Bubi Au Yeung Loretta Faulkner

Treeson Bubi Au Yeung Loretta Faulkner
Bubi Au Yeung has the motto “Be nice and simple”. She likes to think positive and this will make things positive. She wants her work to convey a positive message to people. Her characters appeal to all kinds of collectors especially those that love small eyes. She wants her characters to give people a feeling of serenity. She doesn’t consider ugliness and cuteness to be contrary to each other in her design.
Treeson and friends
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Treeson Series 2 from Super Fantastic Ultra on Vimeo.


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